Saturday, 27 June 2009

Lets get married and take the bus home

I've fallen in love with these lace flares, they're $130 and i don't know whether ship to the UK. Right now i can only wish for them. I also tried my prom dress on today, its being made for me by my boyfriend's mum, its perfect, it's in the style of a dress by the brand name 'Acne' and its been made out of a nude colored silk. I can't wait to wear it this friday, with my new slingback platform heels, which i am also in love with. 

I'm going to Devon on Monday morning with my family and boyfriend for a few days, it should be lovely, i haven't been to the beach since i was in Greece in April. Also Regina Spektor's new album 'Far' is a current favorite of mine and i was lucky enough to watch her sing live at Glastonbury Festival on the TV, i wish i was there to enjoy the festival atmosphere though- but theres always next year. 

Photographs: | Lace Flare Pants. 

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